Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Respect the sign

It is faded and in rough shape. The sign says "PRIVATE PROPERTY NO TRESPASSING". I take photos and stop to check out what interests me which could be anything on any given day. There are times when I will notice something off in a field and will stop for a look. I look to see if there are any signs posted. There are instances where you have to take a hard look to see if they are there.

There is a lot of stuff where I cannot get a closer look as it is behind a fence and signs are posted. I ran across an old cemetery recently and was about to investigate when a sign said it was on private land and there was no access to the site. On occasion it can be a bit confusing as Crown Land, or land owned by the government, is sometimes fenced. Zooming in with a camera only does so much when trying to get a closer look. If I run across the owner I will ask if I can get access. It is rare when that happens. I have innocently trespassed a few times because I could not see a sign anywhere or any indication I was on private land. I never take anything from any spot I visit. Collecting stuff does not interest me and I have no place for putting anything if it did.

Rural crime is definitely an issue. I try to have some business cards on me so that if someone asks what I am doing I explain I am taking photos and hand them a card to say who I am. I doubt criminals do this. I do my reasonable best to respect other's property. 


  1. If only the various Gub-ment authorities were as polite.
    Keep an eye out for escaping Liberals crossing into Canada, but you probably won't see any until next summer. (Too cold, even for snowflakes.)