Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Twin Butte General Store

I have been here before and posted about it before. I am posting about it again simply because this place is that damn good. Twin Butte is between Pincher Creek, Alberta and Waterton National Park, Alberta. There is a store, post office, and the restaurant that specializes in Mexican food. After a quick trip to Waterton on November 27, 2016 I made a point to be here when I was getting hungry. Timing is key.

This place is an absolute gem. There is nothing in Twin Butte except for a couple of houses and a community hall. There used to be more many years ago. The store does not sell much. The decor is unique. 

On weekends this place has live music. I really need to be here sometime when I can catch an act.

I do not know how I managed to get a kitchen shot with no one in it. Usually there are two people in the kitchen and you can watch everything being made. I live over two hours away from here however I have driven here just for the food. This time I opted for the pulled pork chimichanga. I am not really a fan of Mexican food but it is so good here that I order it anyway. Anyone looking to open a place serving could take lessons from these people.

This place was busy when I was there on a Sunday. I got luck getting some photos with no one in them. Check them out online sometime.

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  1. Love the Heart Attack Burger, it is my favourite on the menu.