Monday, 1 August 2016

St. Norbert's April 2, 2016

"St. Norbert's, Rosenheim, built in 1922 is the largest rural Neo-Gothic church in Alberta. Predominately German pioneers settled the District of Rosenheim beginning in 1907. The community flourished until the Great Depression. In 1966 St. Norbert's was closed. The church was declared an Alberta Historic Rescource in 1978."

Anyone who has read this site knows I like churches. European settlers definitely built some great churches. This one is in a rural area south of Provost, Alberta. I would have loved to seen the inside. This church is like a fortress. It was locked, no surprise there. I love to see sights like this. I really believe more people should get out and explore. You would be amazed at some of the things you find.


  1. That is very grand looking.

  2. Impressive. What a shame it is no longer used.

  3. Magnificent! Wonder if the bell is still there. Would love to see the inside.