Friday, 14 August 2015

Taylor Siding August 13, 2015

I was here last winter. Years ago this used to be a rail siding on one of the rail lines that ran to Drumheller, Alberta. When I was last here there were poles with glass insulators on them. The poles are completely gone. There is likely other things that have been removed. It looks like someone is trying to clean up the site, they are just taking forever to do it. There are a number of steel rail bridges on this line and I have heard rumours those might be torn up. The tracks were torn up years ago.

This is what is left of the rail line.

I walked across this wooden bridge. I will not do that again in the future, the wood is getting rotten. I also got eaten alive by bugs. A further advantage of exploring in winter.

They did a good job of tearing up the line. The rails are completely gone except for three that I could see. I thought the area would be littered with spikes, I saw four. I suspect a few souvenir hunters have taken items. There is the remains of a couple of buildings nearby but they are littered with junk. I really do not understand the desire for some people to turn places into dumping grounds.

I found a couple of glass insulators in the brush. I posed one for a photo and left it at the scene.

Cacti in Alberta. Not a big one. The first I have seen in this part of the province.

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  1. Good place to explore! You are really much nicer than I am, BW. I would
    not have put the insulator back or the railroad spikes - I have a nice collection of them.