Friday, 28 August 2015

Random notes

Someone on a prior post left a comment about revisiting places. I found the comment interesting as I frequently note that some places that I have been to I will make a return trip in the future. 

I am not nostalgic by any means. I have lived too many places that have underwent too many changes. I have moved over forty times in my life and I consider myself to have no hometown. I do have a few destinations that have become favourite places over time and if I am driving by I will always try to make a stop.

I like to revisit places simply because I miss stuff the first time around. When I was recently in Morrissey checking out the coke ovens a few days later I read there were further ruins up the road that I previously did not know about. I am not sure if they still exist but to me this warrants a further trip sometime in the future. If someone likes to tag along on a road trip I like to introduce them to something they might enjoy. I like to take in as much as possible and to get ideas for further trips.

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