Monday, 3 August 2015

Schweppes in Manyberries, Alberta July 19, 2015

This place is very remote. The railway came here in 1916. The tracks were torn up in the 1990s. There was more life than I expected to see here, I kind of expected a ghost town. The only services in town is the saloon. There are a couple of businesses like oilfield servicing. What is kind of strange is that driving here south along Highway 887 is that you can plainly see the Sweet Grass Hills in Montana. From a distance they look like mountains and they look out of place. I only encountered a few vehicles driving here from Medicine Hat, it is kind of eerie how quiet and remote this area is.

This is the original train station. There are no tracks anymore. It is also a private residence.

The sky went back and forth from overcast to bright and sunny. The owners of the train station also got an actual caboose on their property.

No gas is available here, no groceries, but there is a saloon. I saw the Southern Ranchmens Inn was open. I walked in. I had a bit of a headache and I saw a can of Schweppes ginger ale in the cooler which went well with the Advil I had with me. It was two dollars for the can. I had a ten in my pocket. I left a three dollar tip for the lady and dropped five dollars in the new roof fund. I never did ask what building needed a roof. It was worth ten dollars just to see this place.

This place is the real deal. There were a couple of ranchers at one of the tables.

Display of cattle brands on the wall.

You can just make out the outline of the old rail line beside the highway.


  1. What a great place - authentic! Bet it gets rowdy on Saturday night...

  2. Good food there!

  3. Cheryl Stromsmoe19 October 2015 at 20:29

    Nice write up! Great pics!