Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Orion, Alberta.

Founded in 1916 and once home to about one hundred fifty people. The area was hard to farm and that likely doomed the town. That and it is very remote. There are parts of southern Alberta that would have prospered as farmland for the want of irrigation years ago. There are very few residents left here, it is mainly a collection of old and empty buildings. I think one, maybe two houses look occupied. There is a church that is relatively new and was holding a service. A sign on the highway says gas and groceries are available. I drove through and I am not sure where any services were offered.  


  1. It'd be interesting to know when those buildings were constructed. They look straight out of the old west.

  2. It would be awesome to see some of your finds, but for now I will just enjoy your pictures BW :-)

    1. I am just glad someone else finds this stuff interesting.

  3. You buy gas at Boyds and groceries at the post office (the metal building beside Boyds). Its a neat little town with 3 or so residents. More during the summer as people live out there in rv's in the warmer months.