Thursday, 6 August 2015

Spur of the moment adventures

The first Monday in August is a long weekend in Alberta. Friday July 31 after work I rode my motorcycle from Airdrie to Drayton Valley to visit my mother which is about three hours travel time. 

Saturday morning in Drayton Valley, Alberta on August 1 I found myself thinking "I wonder if I can pull this off?" I had wanted to do a road trip to get to the northernmost ferry in Alberta however I was lacking in travelling companions. In other words, this would be a solo trip if I decided to do this. On a whim I decided to see if I could make it to the La Crete Ferry in northern Alberta and back in a weekend to the Drayton Valley area. From Drayton Valley to High Level is at least 737km. Along the way I took the Shaftesbury Ferry crossing the Peace River. I spent Saturday night in High Level. The route highlighted in dark blue is the route I took to the Shaftesbury Ferry.

From there I crossed the river over to Grimshaw and straight north to High Level.

On the way back August 2 there was a side trip to the La Crete Ferry which was another 32km from the junction and back. Once back to the junction I took the same route all the way back to the Drayton Valley area. Instead of spending Sunday night in Drayton Valley I stayed at a friend's place outside Drayton Valley. According to my Google calculations this would be 764km on day two. 

So I figure I did close to one thousand miles in two days. Most of the trip was uneventful, there is not a lot to see and a lot of it looks the same. Also, speed limits north of Mayerthorpe seem to be a suggestion, no one drives the limit. I was routinely passed by people driving high rates of speed. 

I spent Monday riding back to Airdrie from Genesee.

Photos and notes will eventually follow.

I will admit to being stiff after this. 


  1. Start saving for new certainly are racking up the road miles!

  2. Stiff maybe, but spur of the moment epic rides like that one are the spice of life. Looking forward to the future posts on this one.