Tuesday, 21 February 2017

5:12pm February 20, 2017 northbound on Highway 886

It is good to get out. I was sidelined for about a week with a cold or something resembling one. I do not do well being sick. By that I mean I am not one that constantly complains and gets on other's nerves. I get bored and suffer cabin fever. I woke up feeling alive and wanting to take on the day. It was too nice of a day to stay home. I drove too far in too short of a time trying to cram too much into the day. When I feel well after being sick I always overdo it. No matter. It is worth getting out.

There is not much along this stretch of highway. In fact there is a lot of nothing. On this day at this time this is all I need.


  1. Well that new header photo just looks awesome BW. Is that one of yours? Where was it?

    1. It is mine. I rarely post a photo that is not mine and if I do I will note it.