Monday, 20 January 2020

A bit of wishful thinking

Met up with a friend on Saturday and went to the Edmonton Motorcycle Show. I think all of the manufacturers were out. I do not usually do this sort of thing. I dislike paying for parking, walking across a parking lot in temperatures in the minus twenties in Celsius, and then paying to get in. I can go to a dealer and see everything for free. 

Saw a few things I liked. The Kawasaki Vulcan 650 caught my eye as well as the Kawasaki V Strom 650. I do not need a new bike but it never hurts to look. I like bikes 750cc and under because they are easier for me to move. The BMW R1200RT got a couple of looks from me. My friend went back to look at the Indian Roadmaster (photo courtesy of the internet) and had a hard time walking away from it after going to look at it five times. Beautiful motorcycle. Personally I cannot justify paying close to $40,000 Canadian for a motorcycle. 


  1. I have an 06 Electraglide. I plan on riding it until it can't be rebuilt again. If something happened to it the next bike will be a Roadmaster Dark Horse or the Challenger Dark Horse. I am leaning more toward the Challenger.

  2. I've never been on a motorcycle but have to say that this one looks pretty sweet!