Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Miscellaneous random notes

Since moving I initially could not find any radio that I like listening to. Usually I like listening to my library of Country music and my tastes are all over in that regard. The Country stations here all seem to be playing the same few songs over and over again which leads me to suspect they can only afford to play ten different songs. If I am not listening to my own stuff sometimes I just want to turn on the radio when I am looking for something different.

Whilst scanning the stations one day I found one station and it seemed to be much better than the rest and I left it there. After some time I discovered it was the Christian FM station. I have to admit I like listening to it and not because I am overly religious. Any time the radio announcers are on they are always nice and upbeat which is a nice change. Their only fault might be that they are a little overly earnest. All of the music I have heard so far, which covers a lot of different styles, features people with actual talent. The musicians can play very well and the singers so far all have great voices. Most of the music does not even seem all that religious. It is just a nice pleasant experience having it in the background driving down the road somewhere.

My first choice is talk radio. Talk radio during the week here is not good. Sports on radio does not do much for me. Other than sports the talk radio hosts seem to not be able to take a stance on anything. If you are going to have a talk radio show I do not care if I agree with your views or not, just take a position and be entertaining. Thankfully I find talk radio better on the weekends because there is some good weekend only talk radio shows. I listen to the gardening show even though I do not garden. Then I get three hours of current events so I am good. I listen to this stuff simply because I might learn something.

If the Country stations could only get their act together . . .


  1. I saved my pennies and bought an AM-FM-Shortwave a couple years ago. Sadly, the selection is so bad around here that the batteries usually go bad from age, not use. A local college plays classical at night, which is good. Unfortunately, about the time I'm drifting off to sleep, they're as likely as not to switch from pleasant chamber music to something like the 1812 Overture.

  2. I listen to CBC One most of the time. When I get sick of that, I tune into CKUA for a bit. When I'm sick of both, I play CDs. I can't abide talk radio. It drives me mental.

  3. I always enjoyed CKUA while in Alberta. Even listen to it via the web at home in Texas. Seemed to have something for all tastes.

  4. You are close enough to get 102.9, you're welcome.