Tuesday, 22 August 2017

In my little old sod shanty on the plain

Replica sod house in Tompkins, Saskatchewan. Even if it was a replica I had to stop. How often do you get to see a sod house? I stopped here on August 10, 2017 on an impromptu road trip.

A sod house was the first home for many settlers until you could get something better. The sign out front said to come in and sign the guest book.

It was small and cramped and not a straight line in the place. Places like this were home to many. They were probably warm since the walls are pretty thick. Your house would have natural camouflage as it would blend into the landscape. I wonder if anyone ever "lost" their house . . .

I had relatives that still used a water dipper many years ago. I have drank from one of these.

Solar and wind powered clothesline and privy outside.


  1. Very cool! The last time I saw a replica sod house was in the Mennonite Village Museum in Steinbach, Manitoba.

  2. That was neat!
    Did the inside go down into the ground or was it all on the surface?

    1. Inside went down less than a foot.

  3. Cool! Looks cozy. Even as a replica, it sure looked authentic.

  4. I had read accounts of some of my ancestors living in sod houses until they could build a proper house, but had not seen pictures. Thanks for posting these.

  5. My grandma was born in one. 1907 South Dakota

  6. Thank you for a trip into a past I knew about but had not ever seen before.

  7. Very cool... an original tiny house!