Friday, 8 June 2018

In search of . . .

. . . lazy pauses.

I have been irritating and irritated lately, letting a number of small things, and things I cannot control, get to me.

I think we all need to experience some down time. The time where we can tune the world out and enjoy the quiet and boredom of doing nothing. When life gets a little too busy we need to spend some lazy time to sit back and relax. That is why I love being close to rural Alberta. In minutes, sometimes it seems like seconds, I can be where it seems like nothing happens.


  1. You know, the Japanese do what they call "forest bathing" to seek calm and relaxation. But I bet "prairie bathing" is just as effective in these parts.

  2. Personally speaking, I've always found old cemeteries great spots for relaxing. Pack a picnic basket and chill out with the spirits of pioneers. May I suggest a dry rosé with smoked salmon?

    1. I spent some time in my childhood on the BC coast and was subjected to salmon to the point where I really dislike it. I am more of a pinot noir person.

  3. Dale likes Pinot noir and hot dogs 😂