Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Rural traffic hazards

Highway 899 north of Highway 9 March 25, 2017.

A bit of attitude from one of the locals.

Images of Loverna, Saskatchewan Part One

Visited here March 25, 2017. Named after Loverna McFarland the daughter of a local railway official, founded about 1913. The town is flirting with ghost town status. There were once five hundred people and a number of businesses. There used to be a railway through here. That ended long ago. A few internet sites state the poplulation here was officially five in 2001. I saw one person when I was here. A friend's mother lived here many years ago. 

From one direction I ran across a marker where a school once stood. Whatever was on the sign below has been erased by the elements. The town is just a bit past the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Next is the sign.

The landscape here kind of rolls. Coming here from the west you first see the town coming over a hill.

What struck me is the number of signs showing what once existed. This one marks the Vernon Hotel which burned down in the 1960's. Another fire hit in 1996 and destroyed part of the town. Someone or some organization placed signs all over the town showing where places once stood. There were grain elevators and a train station. Not anymore.

Some buildings I could not get to due to some of the road being too muddy. There is a mix of derelict buildings, some preserved ones, and a few newer ones. There is a curling rink here.

Amazing how much infrastructure disappeared.

Old horse drawn grader.

Royal Cafe / Harry Seto's / Liz Volk.

The sign in front of this one says Dr.'s Office.

Monday, 27 March 2017

Dankin, Saskatchewan March 26, 2017

Abandoned grain elevators in rural Saskatchewan. Excellent sunny day that was perfect for getting out and exploring the countryside. The best part of this time of year is that there are no bugs. The rail line runs at an angle to the gravel road here. So I took a walk along the tracks to get some different photos.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Unknown Church March 17, 2017

I know it is a Ukrainian church, probably Catholic. I could not find a name to go with it. Wonderful crosses in the cemetery. I doubt the church is still in use. East of Warwick, Alberta on Township Road 540.

Birdhouses in New Denver, British Columbia

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Not here, somewhere else

Headed somewhere this weekend. I have some vague plans. Actually I do not even have that, the most I have planned is a vague direction with a good chance of a ridiculous amount of driving. 

For me the road trip is a means of relaxation. With luck I may find something along the way.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Temporary Friday Night Music Post

Just stuff I like. 

I really do not like any of Neil Young's stuff however it gets it absolutely perfect with this. 

This is a hidden gem.

Found this by chance. Glad I did.

Warwick, Alberta grain elevator

March 17, 2017 in Warwick, Alberta.

For some reason I like grain elevators. It seems like Alberta has not felt the same way due to the rapid rate so many of them have disappeared over the years. This on is on a farm just outside Warwick, Alberta. There is not much in Warwick.

This was one of those quasi challenging days to explore. Beautiful sunny day. The melting snow made the gravel roads a bit on the squishy side which made me decide to not venture down a few roads. I had stuff marked on a map that I wanted to see and had to pass on. It bugs me knowing I could not get to something that was just a mile or two down a road where I might get stuck. I get obsessive about getting to stuff I missed on a prior trip. Luckily the rural road running by this sight was paved. 

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Emergency hay bale post

In case of an emergency. Like a recent lack of hay bale posts. Or post material in general.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Why blog?

Simply because I enjoy it. I read many bloggers out there posting about their interests and they all seem to be having fun doing it. So I decided to join in.

Stopped by my favourite barn

St. Francis, Alberta March 18, 2017.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

I had to be somewhere

Friday 9:20am March 17, 2017 looking out of a law firm's window at downtown Edmonton. This law firm is not representing me.

Another ongoing installment in divorce proceedings. I was served by my future ex wife after twenty years of marriage in March 2014. As soon as that happened I went shopping for a lawyer. I never bothered to find out what her reasons were. When this all started I wished my lawyer would have informed me what the process and sequence of events would be. So far it has been long periods of nothing happening waiting for various things to be completed with occasional legal meetings. The whole thing is more tedious than anything else. 

I am still legally married. I have not had any communication with her in any way for three years. No children. After the split I moved about three hours away by car. With all that time together and then suddenly finding myself separated three years ago I thought I would find myself missing her. I was a bit surprised that I never did. Over time I find myself forgetting what she looks like. The big adjustment after the split was trying to connect with new people in a new environment. It can be lonely and takes time to set up in a new area. 

If you are ever in need of a lawyer be business-like about it. I interviewed a couple and even fired one after a couple of meetings. I treated hiring a lawyer as paying a mercenary to work on my behalf. If you are not happy with your lawyer end the relationship and get a different one. I do not contact my lawyer unless it is strictly necessary. Stay out of their way and let them do their job. They have done this before, you have not. I am paying for services rendered and results and I intend to keep a lid on my costs. 

I was done with the meeting by 1:00pm. My former wife did not look happy. She wanted this, I did not, and I assume she is getting what she wanted, good or bad. This was one more step in the process. I am not sad or unhappy. I am indifferent at this point. I know this too shall pass, I will not be the first nor the last to have this experience. I harbour no animosity towards her and whatever we had is in the past. I try not dwell on things. 

After the meeting I take a long drive to relax and collect my thoughts. I am not really feeling anything although I feel I should. Apparently I am not thinking about anything in particular. My mind is more on the onset of spring and the sunny day.

The following day is a visit to see mom. She lives a little over an hour away west of Edmonton. I take mom out for brunch. Then mom wants me to wash her car. This seems to be a routine with her now. Every time I visit I am expected to wash her car. There are worse ways to spend the day. I do it to because it makes her happy. I drive her car to a car wash and give it a thorough wash. She offers to pay. I do not let her.

I try to visit mom about once a month if not more. I have become some type of courier between my mom and my sister. Whenever I go I take something up and return with something else. It irritates me however I have given up resisting this. There are other hills to die on. 

Mom seems to be doing well. It was a good visit except for the night. Mom lives in a forty-five and older building apartment style condominium that has about thirty units. The building is largely occupied by the senior set who like to keep the building inhumanly warm. I can never get a decent night of sleep when I am there. What sleep I got this time was extremely fractured. I can put up with all kinds of stuff except for screwing with my sleep. If I do not get reasonable sleep time I am a wreck the next day.

Sunday it is off home. I pick up breakfast because my mother lives instant coffee and I consider it a crime against nature. I never say anything when she makes if for me, I drink it to be polite. It happened to rain and freeze overnight making the roads treacherous first thing in the morning. A quick breakfast and I am off home. Close to four hours of drive time and minimal sleep and I make it an early night.

Somehow I doubt there is much competition for this title

Ran across this on March 17, 2017.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Goshen United Church March 19, 2017

Just a little north and a bit east of Villeneuve, Alberta sits Goshen United Church. The sign states that it is the original site of the Goshen United Church 1899 - 1958. I learned about this place from other bloggers and internet forums.

I just stopped for some quick photos. This is a much better blog post than mine.

This looks rural and it is however it is not in the middle of nowhere. There are post boxes in from of it and a lot of farms nearby. I used to live in St. Albert for many years and I am surprised how close this is to where I used to live. I am a bit miffed that I never ran across this when I lived in the area.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Woodbury Creek, British Columbia March 12, 2017

View upstream from the bridge on Highway 31 north of Ainsworth.

Old mine building by the creek.

Downstream from the bridge where it empties into Kootenay Lake.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Highway 31A March 12, 2017

Between New Denver and Kaslo, British Columbia. Largely a wet sloppy mess with rain, fog, and melting snow.

Remnants of a ghost town along the highway.