Friday, 13 October 2017

Taking a 2012 KIA Rondo places it really should not go

About a couple of miles north of Sandon, British Columbia is what remains of Cody and I decided to attempt a trip there on October 8, 2017. Sandon is a near ghost town and Cody is one. Cody was the home of the Noble Five Mine where most of the people were employed. About two hundred fifty people lived here. Sandon has a couple of residents and the lady at the store in Sandon assured me I would have no trouble making it there with my car. She told me it would be a little rough but once I was over the rockslide I would be fine. She was right. The road was definitely rough and I was down to a crawl with the car picking my way over the old rockslide. I really need to get a four wheel drive one of these days.

Coordinates 49.975168, -117.196199 for Google or Bing Maps if interested.

The road into Cody past the rock slide.

I think this is the old rail office. The Kaslo and Slocan Railway was connected to Cody. I did not see any remains of the rail line.

Another abandoned building.

Across this creek are the remains of a mine.

I believe this is the mill for the Noble Five Mine across the creek.

I did not bother crossing over to get a closer look. I will make a return trip when I have more time.

Neat spot.


  1. What a neat place! I am thinking a person could spend hours poking about those old buildings.

  2. Be careful around old mining sites.

  3. Looks like such an awesome place! I would've spent hours there.

  4. What a nice find. I bet not too many people travel to that remote area. Fantastic photos!