Monday, 16 October 2017

Random notes

Posts have been a little thin or inconsistent. Been a little busy with things like visiting mom on the weekend. Feeling like I have some kind of cold or flu for the last few weeks that cannot decide if it wants to make me ill for a few days or leave me alone. Probably something terminal.

The biggest issue has been with my mother and it is causing me serious problems in my personal life. Whenever I visit all she has for coffee is instant coffee. She loves the stuff. I refuse to drink it. Previously I had bought her a coffee maker that she would not accept. She gets offended when I step out to get a half decent cup of coffee. There are some hills worth dying on.


  1. Just a thought but Could it be more that she is missing your company while you step out for a decent cuppa?
    Might try taking a small french press and some good ground beans, talk to her while making it, show her how simple it is, ask if she would like a little taste. If she doesn't like it, that's fine. You still get a decent cuppa coffee, and she gets your attention.

    1. Well, I have to drive a little over three hours to get to her place. Granted I am wonderful company however some people like to be difficult about some things.

    2. It is not uncommon for the elderly to lose sight of the time required. Past experience with care giving my mother has shown me that. Stay the course if not for her, for yourself.

    3. I really need to spend some more time editing and rewriting some posts before posting. This was sort of intended to be humourous. When I was there mom looked better than she had recently and by better I mean happier. Not everyone is suited to live alone and I would like to visit more often just to make sure she is okay. She has her issues and I have mine. Some days I think she deliberately pushes my buttons. I do my best to bite my tongue and not get baited into arguments. Such is life.

    4. No worries, BW. I'm often misunderstood in my posts... as the reader puts their own interpretation on what was written. I'm not a good enough writer to put across the smirk and the twinkle in the eye...

    5. Not worried in the least. I would love it if mom was a bit more cooperative. I try to take the long view rather than get hung up on petty things. Human nature being what it is we can get derailed by small things and tend to not see the bigger picture.