Tuesday, 11 October 2016

What was once Gros Ventre, Tothill, Alberta

There used to be a church here. Found this September 17, 2016 south of Medicine Hat, Alberta. There were a number of small churches in the area at one time. Now there are just a number of well tended small cemeteries. 

This is the only defined grave site here. There probably are other burials, just not marked. This little enclosure was so overgrown I could not see any markers.


  1. Love your pictures, as always... but the OCD in me would want to cut all that grass in the enclosure... a futile gesture I know.

  2. Someone cared enough to cut the grass. Probably didn't have time to do the weeding. Love that fence.

  3. Dammit.

    I see stuff like that and I just get torn. Part of me wants to go in there with a weed wacker and a pair of work gloves - but you have to tread lightly around sites like that.