Monday 24 October 2016

Stranraer, Saskatchewan October 9, 2016

Practically a ghost town. The church has a sign on the side stating it is a municipal heritage site. and that it was a United Church. Reality is there are so few people in the area I cannot envision anything other than the church just slipping away over time. No inside look, it was locked.

I really need to be a little smarter running out to places like this. The weather was not good. The church is on a bit of a muddy hill. Even though I had new tires I was driving a car and very rural Saskatchewan is not a place to get stuck. This place can be viewed via Google Street View. I would have taken more and better photos. It was raining and I had to keep wiping raindrops off my lens.

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  1. I remember going to this church. That side door led downstairs. The fowl suppers in the basement were great, with tons of food provided by the local women's group. Children's Sunday School was held downstairs, too. There was a choir area at the front of the upstairs where I sang as a child. This church was built in about 1929 and is a heritage site now. My grandparents' and my father's funerals were held here as late as April 1989.