Friday, 29 April 2016

Newburgh Church of God Cemetery

I found this purely by chance. It is an abandoned cemetery sitting just off Highway 41 travelling south of Highway 1 east of Medine Hat, Alberta on April 9, 2016.

The earliest date is October 13, 1925. The last date is June 27, 1944. Someone put of a list of all the people interred here. A number of the graves do not have markers.

I have been told that the wording is Low German and reads "Rest peacefully (or gently) in your tomb (or grave) until Jesus your saviour calls you".

I have seen markers exactly like this in totally different areas of Alberta. The name seems to be German. 


  1. On that third pic down, BW: Is there a stone outside the fence?

    I have seen that once or twice before elsewhere and have wondered about it...

    1. Fencepost. If I am here again I will spend more time. It was dusk and I had one more destination I wanted to squeeze in (Eagle Butte Church) that I had never been to before. This place could use some care.

  2. Cannot find it at all - darn!

  3. Photo #3 and 4 I really like the headstone....