Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Bassano, Alberta February 27, 2016

This is the old Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce building in Bassano, Alberta. I have mentioned this before but buildings used to have character. Years ago you could instantly know what building was a bank, post office, or hotel with a quick glance. Banks had a secure, safe, and serious look about them. In turn you felt that is how you and your money would be treated when did business with them. You felt you could trust them. I like the look of this, it looks stately.

Now when you go to a bank sometimes you cannot tell the customers from the staff. 


  1. The older banks always seemed to have columns in the front. Now-a-days they look like any Mc Donald's!

  2. BW and Chickenmom, I agree with you about the look of the buildings. Value of so many things is no longer a valuable commodity, we are a throwaway society.

    In the small town I lived in, in TN, they turned the old bank into a coffee shop, while retaining the character of the building, leaving the brickwork, the safe...was a private area for meetings or small groups, it was really beautiful, well done. You could enjoy the architecture of the original building while having a lovely coffee. I enjoyed all those hand made bricks(running my hands over them) and the wood moldings. Quite beautiful and unique.