Friday, 30 October 2020

One room school in the Municipal District of Provost, Alberta

I know the name of the school and that it operated from 1914 - 1952. I am not going to give any more information that might lead to the location.

I was there with a friend of mine. I had told him some days prior that I thought I found a former school while perusing Google Maps. He agreed to join me on the quest to find out if it really was what I thought it was.

We were not on the grounds long when a farmer and a companion pulled up. He lived just up the road. We identified ourselves and told him our hobby is tracking down old buildings like this. Unfortunately there is a problem in rural Alberta with vandalism and theft which is why I am being vague on the location. His father attended this school and he keeps an eye on it. Years ago when it stopped being a school some community events were held there.

Coal chute.

He asked if we wanted to see the inside. He left for a few minutes and returned with a key. The school is one of the better built ones. It has a full basement with a poured concrete foundation. The blackboard has the names of people that attended and visited this school.

There is even the old barn for the horses for those that rode a horse to school.


  1. Would like to see the inside of the shed. Very cool

  2. The blackboard covered with names is a wonderful snapshot of how many were helped at this school.


  3. Nice. Good not to give the location too - don't want to give vandals an open invitation.