Friday, 5 May 2017

There is not much in Whitlash, Montana

I did a quick drive through on April 8, 2017. Whitlash is very close to the Canadian border, about six miles from it. There are a few buildings here, not much. There are no stores. There is post office. A lot of rural Montana is like a lot of rural Alberta, empty. I noted what I found interesting. I liked the church. 

Whitlash Port is the border crossing. It is Aden on the Canadian side. When you get there it is an American border office with a Canadian office on the other side and nothing else. Not a lot of border traffic here.

Whitlash Community Presbyterian Church. 


  1. The back of beyond has a beauty all it's own.

  2. Man, somebody takes pride in that church - it's beautiful!

  3. I've passed by that little church several times and its always neat and tidy.