Saturday, 14 March 2015

Hesketh, Alberta

As per my go to book on obscure Alberta places I defer to "Place Names of Alberta Volume II Southern Alberta".

The entry reads:
"A Canadian Pacific Railway station was established here in 1921 and was named after Colonel J.A. Hesketh, Assistant Division Engineer of the C.P.R. in Winnipeg. He was a graduate of the Royal Military College in Kingston in 1883. The post office operated from 1 December 1921 through 14 May 1969."

Hesketh is in a very narrow little valley with a steep road providing access on either side. A few people still live here. The community hall is still being used. The school is on someone’s property and has seen better days. There really is not much to see here and I did not see much evidence of a rail line or rail buildings. Not all excursions are winners. For pictures I posted the only interesting stuff. There are a few modern houses out of picture view that I did not include as some people still live here year round.

March 1, 2015. I think this is, or was, a garage.

Schoolhouse. There is a modern house where someone lives just behind this building.


  1. One wonders how long those buildings will last due to the effects of weather there in Alberta. Great stuff.

  2. Makes you wonder what the people left there do for a living. When Hubby and I traveled around through little towns, we would pick up the local newspaper. Some towns were so small it was only plublished once a week. Wish I had kept them all.

  3. I went to school in Hesketh back in 1956-57.
    We immigrated from Germany and my Dad worked on the section there.